Autumn Inspired Wall Art

It seems I can’t open a note book without finding some pressed leaves or petals nestled between the pages.

Whenever I leave the house I tuck a notebook in my bag, just in case I find the perfect leaf, I then tuck it way and forget all about it for a while, until they flutter to the floor.

Realising I should probably do something with these leaves I decided to make a simple display of some of my favourites, the warm tones add a lovely touch to these gloomy days of autumn.

You will need:

Card stock

Assortment of dried leaves and petals

Glue dots or double sided foam pads

Step one: From your selection of dried leaves and petals, pick your favourites.

pressed autumn leaves

Step two: Play around with placement on to the card stock until you are happy with how it looks.

leaf faffing placement

Step three: Adhere glue dots / foam pads to the reverse side of the leaf, use more dots/pads for larger leaves, place the leaf firmly yet gently to the card stock. Repeat for each leaf and petal until they are all securely attached to the card.

applying sticky foam pads

~ Using foam pads/glue dots allows the leaves to retain a lovely 3D effect ~

adhering leaves to card stock

Then you just need to pop it on a wall.

I love the simple pops of colour it adds to the rather grey and miserable days we’ve been having lately.

autumn leaf display

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