Christmas Tree Inspired Faffing

There is something really rather special about a Christmas tree, alas due to our last one being a hive of bugs we no longer have real Christmas trees, we do however have a rather magnificent fake one.

Whilst my tree is rather lovely, if I do say so, it’s fake so doesn’t really fit the whole ‘nature’ aspect of How Does Your Garden Grow.

So I gathered some of the leaves, petals and others odds and sods I’ve collected over the year whilst admiring gardens, woodlands and parks and made a few nature inspired Christmas trees.
In other words, I faffed.

 I got my first hydrangeas this year, and I’m smitten. In full bloom or dried and skeletal, they look stunning.

I’ve been a leaf and petal pressing fiend this year, this is one of my favourites, the colours are just so warm and welcoming.

It’s Christmas so I had to include holly and berries, but the best thing, is the silver birch tree stump, I simply adore silver birch trees.

The humble pine-cone. Simply amazing in their variety of size and shape.

Finally my take on a Christmas tree, gathered style. I do love a mini silver pail, they make the perfect ‘home’ for a glittery pine-cone tree. Grab button for Clarina’s Contemplations