A Splash of Colour

Since the Christmas decorations came down the house seems rather bland.

It doesn’t help that the garden is a soggy mess of mud, dirty leaves and lots and lots of green. It’s all a very odd mix of autumn, winter and spring, with neither season willing to give up nor take control.

autumn winter spring faff

It was obviously time to pop to the shop and pick up some bright and cheerful daffodils, a simple flower but one which never fails to cheer me up.

winter daffs

Between the deluge of rain and the freezing temps I managed to get out in the garden, this little cowslip adds a welcome pop of colour to an otherwise dull garden.


I’m still in awe at the beauty the hydrangea have when they are dying off, so pretty and delicate, yet so hardy as well.

winter hydrangea


Garden-wise I’m at a total loss, bulbs are sprouting, buds are forming and the soil is sodden. It will be interesting to see how it unfolds over the year.

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