Ignoring The Experts

Another week and another parenting meltdown, this time about sleep and when, according to an expert, your baby should be doing it.

In this day and age I’m surprised that anyone is listening to so called experts, especially when it comes to raising children, children who the expert has never met and knows nothing about.

I’ve been mama to Ahren and Ethan for almost 7 years and I’m not an expert in how to parent them; as soon as I think I have this parenting thing nailed, they go and change the rules and we have to start over. And that’s okay, being a parent is all about learning; about yourself, your partner and your children.

So no, no I wont and never will listen to any so called expert about how I should or shouldn’t be raising my children.

Allowing my children to cry it out, using disposable nappies and drinking formula didn’t make me a bad mother, likewise wearing your baby, breastfeeding and using cloth nappies doesn’t make you a better parent.

It just makes us parents.

There is no expert that can tell you how to raise your children, gut instinct and communicating with your child are key to finding a balance which works for your family.

Perhaps your child did sleep through from an early age, or maybe the kid is 4 and still having unsettled nights, neither scenario is a reflection on you as a parent.

1 day old

We all know to ignore the well meaning advice from Aunt Maud and her hoard of many cats, yet we continue to allow ourselves to get het up by the opinions of a stranger!

As we strive to retain some sense of individuality once we become parents, we need to remember that our children are individuals too, and should be treated as such, what works for one won’t always work for another.

And that’s okay.