When Less Is More

Sometimes I have really good ideas, but most times I have what seems like a good idea which only ends with me sat in a corner mumbling to myself about something and nothing, most likely the accent a cow ‘moos’ in.

This week I had one of those ideas; to sort, delete and transfer over 16,000 photos and almost 7,000 ‘items’ from my old laptop.

It’s the kind of idea which should have been harmless, straightforward and certainly not the kind of thing which had me slumped in-front of the laptop at 1am waiting for files to transfer.

But alas, over 24 hours since I embarked on my bright idea and despite over 53GBs of photos deleted I still have about 7GBs to go, which is a lot.

But it’s not all bad.

My good idea did result in me finding a bunch of photos I thought I had lost and I learnt that ctrl + z undoes your last action. So yay.

stoned love

1 day old twins


But, my deleting finger may never be the same and I’ve come to the realisation that I take way too many photos.

I need to take a less is more approach to many things, and I’m starting with my photography.

Because who really needs 400 photos of a trip to the woods?