Are We Taking Instagram Too Seriously?

I should start by saying that I love Instagram; it’s a hive of inspiring, thought provoking, creative, heart warming and heart wrenching stories, all told within one tiny square.

My instagram

It’s an app which has provided opportunities for many, built friendships and made the world just a little bit smaller and often kinder.

But with all good things there comes the bad, and whilst it is indeed only an app and nothing to be taken too seriously, I’ve noticed that there are some who do indeed take Instagram, perhaps just a tad too seriously.

For something which started as a way to share photos instantly, with perhaps a filter if you were feeling daring, its now turned in to a slick magazine where the words ‘curated’ and ‘aesthetic’ are thrown around all to often.

According to some who are supposedly “in the know”, your gallery should have a theme or aesthetic if you prefer (not sure I’d ever heard of the word before Instagram) to which you must stick to religiously for fear of upsetting your followers. Why on earth you would spend time creating a gallery of images only to please others rather than yourself is beyond me, but apparently this is the way to ‘do Instagram’ properly.

I was shocked and somewhat saddened to see that some parents will refuse their children toys and whatnot as the garish colours wont fit their gallery aesthetic, heaven forbid is a pop of colour invades the monochrome world. There is nothing sadder in the world of social media than a parent putting followers above their own children.

I’m not sure what is worse; the person who umms and ahhs over posting a photo which perhaps goes against the grain of their regular images, or the person who flounces off whilst complaining, because an individual has the audacity to add a photo they like to their own gallery.

I for one prefer the feeds which don’t follow a theme, where I can expect anything and everything. Which is a far more accurate portrayal of life, if I wanted to see a picture perfect world, I’d buy a magazine.

If you can’t be yourself on your own social media apps, what is the point of having them?