Finishing Touches

With the seemingly magical pull that Minecraft and Lego have on my children I’ve been overjoyed to see them take an interest in the woodworking that their daddy and I do. But, sharp tools and high speed machinery are not for 6 year olds which has limited greatly the extent to which they can become involved.

oiling oak pots

This weekend, with the wind howling outside and the temperature struggling to lift the chill, they were finally able to get involved in some wood working.

Ahren oiling a pine bowl

It was some simple oiling pots and bowls, a little lime waxing and general tidy up, but for the boys it really showed that we trust them.

Between coats of oil and rubs of wax we made snickerdoodles and played games of  peekaboo, sometimes the most simple of weekends are the best.

liming a frame and sorting photos

It was lovely to really share something we’re both pretty passionate about with them, they asked questions, offered ideas and really seemed to feel a sense of pride in what they were doing.

If you have to spend a weekend day cooped up indoors, doing something you all can enjoy is a pretty wonderful way to spend it.

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