Inquisitive Children

There is an honesty surrounding the words and opinions of children that adults tend to lack.

Whether it’s from not wanting to offend, trying to fit in or whatever, as adults we tend to mind our p’s and q’s to an extent that we fail to speak out even when we really really want to, and sometimes even need to.

At 6 years old my children have admirable confidence and enviable outgoing personalities, and they are honest to a fault. They don’t ever mean to offend, they’re merely honest, whereas we learn over the years to bite out tongue and hold back, children are beautifully and at times brutally honest.

With their thoughts, questions and opinions, they are unfailingly honest, and I for one, even having been on the receiving end of their filter-less words, wouldn’t change it for the world.

beach boys_thumb[2]

Recently they have become very inquisitive, they have questions about everything.

When they speak unfiltered I’m at times left laughing so hard I cry, other times they make me think. And I mean really think, because some topics I haven’t even thought of in terms of suitability for discussion with a 6 year old.

“Why did your daddy have to die?”

“Are you happy?”

“Why do some places have electric chairs?”

How do you explain the electric chair to a child who still believes in Santa and falls asleep clutching his fluffy pink unicorn? Ahren left me speechless when he asked why my dad died, I still don’t understand why he had to die, I was left floundering and grasping for clich├ęs to explain something I emotionally don’t understand. And don’t even get me started on the rollercoaster my thoughts went on when asked if I was happy!

But alongside those more serious, thought provoking questions are those which prove my children are oh so blind to prejudice and ignorance.

They happily asked their daddy “Did you have boyfriends?” and asked me “How many girls have you kissed?”. Whilst not questions I ever expected, I was happy to see they don’t view couples or relationships as the stereotypical boy/girl coupling.

It’s rather refreshing to be around people who are speak without filtering their words, I’m sure as they get older this will change, but for now I shall enjoy viewing the world around us from the innocent viewpoint of 6 year olds.