While you were sleeping

During the day I inevitably lose my temper with the kids. The daily nagging to put shoes on, eat dinner, brush teeth, read a book, pick up toys and stay in bed are constant battles which take me from a serene mama to an impatient foot tapping harpy.

But the children and I are used to this by now and our daily battles to get ready on time and do as we’re told are now part and parcel of what makes our days, ours.

I do wish though, that I could share with them more of the peaceful moments, those times of the day which make every dinner uneaten, school shirt ruined, Lego stepped on and mean word worth it.

Every night, long after they’re asleep, I step in their bedroom and watch their chests move up and down, making sure both are okay. I’ll tuck them under blankets, squeeze a toe, poke a nose and hold a hand just to have some connection with them, knowing they are safe and well.

sleep tight

There will come a time, eventually, when I wont have to nag them to get dressed or brush their teeth. I will no longer step into their bedroom at night to check on them. I wont kiss a squishy cheek nor feel fingers curl around my own, until then I plan to enjoy the daily battles and the precious night time moments.