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Completely, totally and utterly inspired by Penny over at A Residence. With the popularity of lifestyle blogs, Instagram and the dreaded glossy magazines it’s all to easy to fall a little bit in hate with what we perceive as our less than perfect homes. Highlighting a few of the things you love about your home seems an excellent way to ignore that never ending laundry pile, the toys which never get put away and the oven you just can’t be bothered cleaning!

3 things which make me happy at home

1. Forgotten Treasures

Whilst pootling about the other day I found this card from the other half to me. I was there when he bought it, we were out in Lewes for his birthday, he asked me to turn away from the till whilst he picked and paid for my Valentines card. Like a noob he forgot all about it, got me another one, and this one forgotten about until I found it.

Our home is full of little treasures like this, long lost or just momentarily forgotten items popping up when you least expect it, they never fail to cheer me up.


2. Keeping Memories

I have 2 photos from my childhood, and whilst I utterly and completely detest having my photo taken, I’m determined to have more than enough photos to pass on to my children when they are older.

pom poms and polaroids

But before I pass on these precious memories I want to decorate our home in them, combining my love of photography, my utterly gorgeous children and love of creating I’ve made a few photo garlands, much nicer than boring frames and easy to update!

pom poms and polaroids

3. Mothers Day Blooms

I was thoroughly spoilt this past Mothers Day, between hema bead hearts and homemade cards I got new blooms. A camellia for the garden, which for some reason makes me feel very grown up, only adults are allowed the responsibility of a camellia! We shall just ignore the fact that I didn’t know it needed soil.


The boys also got me succulents, helping me to slowly build up my collection. They really do spoil me.

succulents and wood blanks

It’s rather refreshing taking a look at what I enjoy/love about my home, too often I feel like it’s lacking, when really it’s pretty darn perfect.

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