3 Things & Home

Since my post last week I’ve done a bit of reflecting on home and what it means to me.

Without doubt its a refuge, a safe place where I can shut out the world and enjoy if only for a little while, my bubble of bliss. but it’s also so much more

Memory Keeper

It’s a capsule of memories, some belong to my little family; from the handprint on the dresser, the clutter on the fridge and the scuff marks along the hallway, there are moments captured in the fabric of our home. The handprint is from when Ethan dipped his hand in a paint pot and pressed his hand everywhere, it has been up there for years, and there it will stay. The fridge is visual cluster of moments from our time as a couple, pregnancy and parenthood, and the scuff marks along the hallway are from our double buggy which was just a little too wide!

There are also few belong to perfect strangers. If there is one thing that scares me, it’s one day being forgotten. I was thinking of my great aunt Eileen, she was a hoot, she swore like a sailor, loved a tipple and really didn’t give a tinkers toss about rules. She passed away years ago, but I still remember her fondly, I sometimes wonder how many people think of her and her zany ways.

vintage postcards

The thought of anyone never again being thought of is a sad one, which is perhaps why I like old postcards. It may seem odd, but alongside keeping my families memories going, I like the idea that these long ago written notes, most likely forgotten about, still survive and every once in a while I wonder just what happened to the writers and the recipients.


There is nothing quite like the comfort of home. Something I’ve been extremely grateful for this week. This little guy has picked up a bacterial infection, rather like Scarlett Fever, but not…it’s been a worrying few days with him.

boo and bear

Being able to snuggle up with him under cozy blankets whilst he whimpers in pain was heart-breaking but I’m so glad to have a safe place in which my children can feel vulnerable without fear, something I think many people take for granted.

Nature in the Home

On a lighter note, because this past week has been way too emotional and heavy for me, I’m loving the spots of nature around our home. I can’t leave the house without bringing something back, it could be a pretty leaf, a chunk of driftwood or a pinecone. There is always something coming home with me.

naute in the home

At the moment their is still the look of autumn in my collections, I look forward to infusing a little more colour as I bring home more of Spring.

Happy and Home at A Residence blog

Home is a funny concept, it means so many different things to different people and is so easy to take for granted, it’s rather nice to step back and look at it with a different perspective.