Have Sponsored Posts & Monetising Ruined Blogging?

I remember way back when, when I first started blogging I had no idea that people could make a living from blogging. Even today I find it weirdly fascinating that blogging is a full time job for anyone.

But it does and it is, for many bloggers out there.

And whilst I think it’s wonderful that so many people can make a wage from blogging I can’t help but think they have ruined it all. Not for themselves obviously, but for the everyday folk who continue to blog for no reason other than they like to blog.

I remember when my blog feed was full of posts about everyday shenanigans, the good, bad and ugly. Now it’s all so stylised you’d be forgiven for thinking that the majority of bloggers have a style team on hand to arrange flowers, fix hair and shush the children and hide away the breakfast dishes. It feels like honest blogging has gone out the window in favour of a slick magazine worthy stylised “life style” type posts.

Whilst these type of blogs don’t really interest me, I couldn’t care less about my own shopping “haul” let alone yours, I understand there is a big market out there for them. But I wish, interspersed with the picture perfect posts there was more along the lines of “Today sucked, the house is tip, my kids hate me and the dog shat on the rug” type posts. These are life styles I can identify with.

I sat on this post for a few days, wondering if I was perhaps in a snarky mood or something, but then I saw this on Twitter in response to a shout out for bloggers interested in a collaboration.

SEO over quality

Which clearly states that it’s down to the SEO benefits and not the quality of a blog that count.

I’m not sure if that’s more insulting to those with a high DA or those without their own DA yet still manage to provide consistently high quality posts.

Whilst I completely understand that brands and companies want maximum exposure, surely there should be some consideration as to the quality of the exposure, or is it as they say, no publicity is bad publicity?