Hints of Spring

It seems like I’ve been waiting for ages for Winter to relinquish its hold on the garden and allow Spring to do its thing, and then suddenly it went and bloomed at the same time.

Despite there being snow in some places this week and currently freezing my toes off, it certainly looks like Spring has sprung.

I take a rather laid back approach to gardening and as such have been pleasantly surprised by the flowers blooming in the garden, mini daffodils and grape hyacinths are popping up all over the place, which I didn’t even know I’d planted.

grape hyacinth

pink hyacinth

mini daffs

mini daffs

yellow crocuses

I’m really not sure if my hydrangeas will bloom this year, the brown twiggy stumps really do not fill me with confidence, so I figured I’d best preserve some of the petals from last years blooms.

preserving dried petals

I’ve also started a collection of succulents. How late am I to this party of plant based goodness?

I love mixing my love of plants and woodturning to create some bespoke planters for my succulents, the contrast between living plant and turned wood is gorgeous.

suculents and wooden pots

Between the abundance of blooming flowers I spied perhaps my most favourite garden find of late, this poppy seed husk.

It looks stunning, and how amazing that a few months ago this was part of a bright and vibrant flower!


Spring is looking mighty fine, if not a little cold this year.