Small and Colourful

Although I can’t remember exactly when, I do know I was rather late in planting our Spring bulbs, so I’m both amazed at what is popping up in the garden and rather grumpy at the number of ‘blind bulbs’ we have. I could dig them out and replant them for next year, but I think I will just yank them up and toss them, if I recall we had the same last year, you win some you lose some!

Anyhoo, despite my lack of a green thumb, Fat Cat and his desire to destroy our garden and the weather all working against me, I have somehow managed to create a little patches of colour all around our garden. Most impressed I is.

purple Crocuses

Grape Hyacinth

White Crocus

mini daffs

I’m now the proud owner of a Camellia, adult status officially achieved! It’s so pretty and all mine!


I’m also having a little success (fingers crossed) with my wildflower seeds, we have little seedlings popping up. I have high hopes for these, I shall thin them out once they get a little bigger. Love those little seed husks on some of the tips, I harvested each and every one of those!

wild flower seedlings

I also tried my hand at drying rose petals. The first batch burnt to a crisp after I whacked them in the oven at 200. The next lot I tried pressing in a glass frame, they looked like squashed condoms….so no.

I figured it out eventually but holy whoa that was a palaver and a half.

rose petals for drying

My little darlings got me new succulents to add to my collection, now I just need to get their pots made!


I couldn’t leave out these hydrangeas. Our local garden centre sells these beauties for £8, I’ve already got one and may have to get one of those blues to add to my collection.

hydrangeas in bloom

Doing a little research I discovered that if you want blue hydrangeas you need to add alkaline soil!

It’s all rather samey, yet incredibly lovely, in the garden at the moment, time to sort out more seeds and see if this is the year I finally get sweetpeas to grow properly.

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