Cacti & Succulents, My New ‘Thing’

Usually I detest having anything to do with current trends or fads, but I have wholeheartedly been sucked in by the allure of the humble yet mighty succulent and cacti trend.

flowering cactus

I killed my first cacti a few years ago, but in the past few months I seem to have found a way to not only not kill them, but make them grow!


As the garden outside does it’s thing, Spring really does tend to take care of itself, all we need to do is stop and take a moment every once in awhile to appreciate it in all its splendour, I have been building up and nurturing my cacti and succulent collection.

Spencer surprised me with a lovely delivery of succulents, which needed a little TLC in the way of repotting and stabilising, they arrived in a very sorry state, but are now doing amazingly well in just a few weeks.


After hitting up Google I was able to take cuttings, replant and generally improve the succulents growing conditions. If you have succulents which are looking a little sorry for themselves, taking the time to repot and a little TLC really pays of.

repotting succulents

Here’s just a bit of my collection, we’ve gone for a variety and included some flowering ones.

succulents and cacti

We’ve also been making more wooden pots for them, there is something about the contrast of the green and oak which is just perfect.


Between making rude jokes about ‘little pricks’ and accidentally stabbing myself with cacti I have actually been rather busy outside too.

little prick cacti

I was forced to hack down my 10 year old Honeysuckle, the neighbours are incredibly lazy and selfish, letting their ivy grow out of control until it swamped and was destroying the Honeysuckle, revenge will be mine!

This wreath I made is all I have left from what, if I do say so, was a damn impressive plant.


Here’s a pic from my Honeysuckle last year *sobs* I’m gonna miss the crazy weird looking flowers this summer.

honeysuckle blooms

I’m actually really pissed off about the whole thing, I realise it’s not all that important in the grand scheme of things, but still, cut your damn ivy!