Displaying Memories

Don’t know about you, but I take more than a few photos, yet I rarely actually get round to printing any of them. We sees to spend an age snapping moments and occasions we don’t want to forget, yet then we keep them locked away on one device or another.

We have hard drives, sd cards and phones chock full of photos waiting to be sorted and printed, one day I will get round to it.


Not only so I can switch out the photos we currently have decorating our home but also for their nana who asked for some photos of the boys, she’s not that tech savvy and usually ends up with blurry photos which resemble abstract art more than they do my children!

Luckily we have some photos on hand which, rather than just hand over, I decided to add a something so they can be displayed easily without any fuss or effort.

Ahh the mighty magnetic tape, which you can pick up in any craft store or online.

magnetic polaroids

Just snip to size, peel off the backing and apply to the reverse of the photos.

magnetic photos

I placed a piece along the top and bottom of each photo, which seems plenty enough to ensure that the photo remains on the fridge.


Tied in to a little bundle and popped in to card, they are a lovely alternative to the usual sharing of photos on Facebook or Instagram, as great as those are for maintaining contact, nothing beats some snail mail and real photos.