A Work in Progress

My home, much like myself, is a constant work in progress, and much like myself, something I doubt I will ever be completely satisfied with.

This Bank Holiday weekend, in Great British DIY tradition, we had planned on doing some decorating; painting and hanging shelves. But like all good plans, they went tits up and as I type this I’m gazing forlornly at our living room wall which has a huge damp patch of plaster.

It is glaring at me, almost mocking me I’d say.

In a house that is over 100 years old I guess we’re lucky that a patch of easily remedied damp is our only real issue, but it did remind me, in a rather annoying way, that homes, and their inhabitants, are rarely what you see on the surface, there is always so much more going on that we aren’t privy to.

We’ll get the damp patch sorted, paint the walls and hang up my driftwood shelves and that patch of our home will look good as new.

driftwood shelf and handturned vases

In the mean time I have 101 jobs that need doing around the house, but the sun is shining and faffing is calling.

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