Fading Blooms

And just like that, the blossom has almost gone.

Every year I eagerly await the first blossoms, getting a tad excited at the thought of blooming trees raining down petals in the breeze, yet the joy that the full and heavy branches bring is short lived and filled with sadness for when the last petal drops and the leaves once again rule the trees.


This week I went on a trek around town to find more blossom before it’s all gone, and I found it! Seems the microclimates of our little seaside town have staggered the blossoming of trees, which cheered me up after our own tree has failed to do much this year.


A few of the trees had these rather random bundles of blossom growing out their trunks on the tiniest of branches.



Some branches were drooping under the weight of their blossoms.

branches full of blossoms


These pink bundles look so much better in person, like little bouquets.

pinl blossom bundles


Although not blossom, the yellow whatchamacallit, looks stunning against the pink blossoms.


It wasn’t just in town where the blossoms were flourishing, the pathways along the beach are also home to a plethora of trees and bushes which are displaying their blossom in all their glory.


beach blossoms

I do love the contrast of the delicate flowers against the sea and sky.


I couldn’t help but gather a few broken and felled blooms, these I took home in the hopes of identifying them, alas they all look the same to me!

trying to identify blossoms

But I did end up having a good ol’ faff with the petals and some sea glass I found along the beach.

flaffing with blossoms

driftwood, sea glass and petals

Whilst blossom doesn’t linger, it such makes and impression whilst it is here.

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