Sunshine & Showers

We’ve had the most perfect mix of rain and sunshine lately.

coffee and petals

As much as people like to have a moan when our sunny days are interrupted by a spot of rain our gardens, farms and woodlands need the rain to help plants, flowers and wildlife flourish and grow.

I’ll admit I can do without the slugs and snails, but Simon looks pretty cool, even if he did miss Camo Class 101.

simon the snail

As we headed out for a school doo the air was fresh from a morning down pour, the recent sunshine followed by a few days of showers have given the plants and flowers a real boost.

white blossoms

There have been a few firsts for me this week or so, I saw my first lilacs!


And my first wisteria, or rather I took notice of them for the first time, it’s amazing what you don’t always take notice of when walking around.


wisteria and driftwood

Once again my clematis seems to be behind everyone else's, ours haven’t even got buds yet!


raindrops on clematis

raindrops on petals

A few blossom trees are still hanging on, loving the contrast of petals here.

fading blossom

blossom and blue sky

blossom treee

Back at home I am the proud mama to some succulent root babies! These are some of the pieces that got snapped off from the ones Spencer got me. I’m ridiculously excited over these!!

succulents taking root

So, I don’t want to lower the tone, but I am the immature one, and in my defence, this lilac does kinda look like a penis.

A pretty lilac penis.

lilac and vase