A Series of Unfortunate Events

Did anyone actually expect that?


I’m not sure even the leave party thought it would happen, but happen it has and in a historic move, for better or worse the majority who voted want to leave the European Union.

Shock waves were felt almost immediately as the stock markets went in to freefall, David Cameron resigned, Boris and Gove appeared to back track almost instantly and Farage admitted that £350 million wont be going directly to the NHS.

It seems a hollow victory all round.

The division of public opinion has been swift and nasty, I for one am ashamed by the xenophobia that has risen in recent days. I thought we were better than this, the UK has long been a rich meeting point of cultures and traditions, do we really want to be rid of such wonderful things?

What was sold to many as a way to make Britain great and unified, has instead alienated those very people who help make Britain great. There is nothing great about a nation that turns its back on the people who helped build it.

There’s talk of Scotland, Gibraltar and Northern Ireland breaking away, making the United Kingdom not so united after all.

I don’t believe we should have been given the vote. Being asked to make such a momentous decision which will be felt for years to come, on the backs of two parties who fed us lies, half truths, manipulated statistics and propaganda was both irresponsible and negligent. We have all been duped to one degree or another; shady politicians once again putting their careers before the social, political and economic future of millions.

But the damage is done and will continue to unfold for a while to come, we’re on our own now, and we must find a way to thrive if not for ourselves then for our children who most definitely did not choose this as their future.