Adding Colour

Being a parent comes with lots of responsibility, but one of my most favourite aspects of parenting is how childish I get to be. I probably didn't act like so much such a goofball before having children as I do now. It’s amazing how interacting with Ahren and Ethan, from conversations on kidnapping monkeys to being a space pilot wearing a fish bowl, to jumping in puddles and blowing raspberries on bellies can lighten my mood.

paint and brushes

On a miserable Sunday where we were stuck indoors and rocking our pjs I had the “brilliant” idea of painting Ahren. Not in the sitting down and doing a portrait way, but actually painting him.

He became our living canvas as it were.

painted Ahren

Thankfully all the paint came off once he had a bath not sure how we’d have explained this Monday morning to his teacher.

With all the upsetting events dominating the news these past few weeks it’s lovely to be able to switch it all off and remember there is innocent and carefree fun to be had in this world.

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