Can We Still Be Friends?

I’ve not long come in from voting, and already I’m wondering if I made the right choice. I hadn’t actually made a decision until my elbow was perched on the counter and I starred at the ballot paper. It was at that moment that Ethan walked up to me and I made my choice, with his future in mind.

Straight away I wondered if it was the right one.

stay or go

But mostly I just felt relieved, despite my years long interest in politics I’m done with this referendum. From the start I disliked the notion of a stay or go option. I always thought there should have been a third option, one in which we could have opted for a revamp of the European Union, as like with most things there are elements which don’t work and could be improved upon.

The entire referendum has devolved in to a farce, it has become so divisive and vitriolic that relationships not just between the UK and the rest of Europe have been tested but those to of once amiable people have been pushed to the limit.

The accusations of racism or Europhile depending on which way individuals were leaning have done nothing but reduce what should have been an opportunity for us to educate ourselves on what the EU actually is, what it does and what it could do to nothing more than a mockery of what should be the most important vote of a generation.

At this point it seem both sides would argue the toss over whether water is wet.

Just over 4 hours to go before the ballots are counted and our choice announced, and I’m wondering, which ever way it goes, if when we wake up in the morning can we still be friends?