Back to Basics – Family Time

Sometimes you need to get back to basics.

Our family, despite my best intentions have succumbed to ‘screen time’, but I’m fed up of being ignored, having to settle ridiculous arguments and generally seeing the back of my kids heads as they focus on some gadget or another.

So in an effort to not only reduce screen time but to encourage a bit more ‘family time’ I’ve started a collection of back to basics board games.

The children were initially dubious, when you have a PS4 Jenga hardly seems in the same league!

But their enthusiasm has been pleasantly surprising, with them both opting to put down tablets and turn off the TV to spend time playing a simple, if competitive game of Snakes & Ladders or create an elaborate trail of dominos.

snakes & ladders

It has also given us an opportunity to spend some time together as a family. It may sound ridiculous but I often struggle with ‘family time’, I didn’t grow up in a family which spent much if any time together, participating in the same activity, so I’m rather chuffed that my own little family has found some small way to come together and have a giggle.

With the Summer holidays starting in just over a week and the rain clouds not looking like they will be dispersing any time soon, I’m glad to have found something so simple to keep my little ones entertained when stuck indoors, even if only for 10 minutes at a time.

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