An impromptu beach day

Our Summer days lack any sort of structure, we go to bed when we’re tired, wake up when we want and plan adventures or lazy days depending on how we feel that day, it is in a word, perfect.

blue sky over eastbourne pier

We had plans to take the boys down to the beach to play on the giant inflatable bouncy castle doodah, once they had finished terrorising the two blokes supervising the children we headed down to the water to enjoy low tide.

Lack of swimwear or towels didn’t stop my boys from enjoying the waves, pants make great substitute swimwear!

Jumping in the waves

Not sure what it is about these two and jumping at waves, but every time a wave comes in, they jump!

Jumping in the waves

arms up

wave breaking

I’m already dreading the return to school in 4 weeks time, boo to routines and structure filled days.

blue skies and fluffy clouds