Blogging Burnout

For as long as I remember I’ve enjoyed having a creative outlet. I don’t even need to have something at the end of a process to feel content, often times the process of cutting, sewing, faffing, writing, designing or simply making a mess is enough to satisfy my creative craving.


For many years writing this blog was one of my creative outlets, putting my random thoughts and whatnot in to words was enough. But for the past few months it has felt stagnant, my ideas and thoughts haven’t transferred well from my mind to the keyboard, leaving me confused as to what exactly I was trying to articulate.


I’ve never felt the need to follow the crowd when it comes to blogging, there are more than enough posts out there gushing over the latest fad that my voice would just be lost in the masses, it does however leave me wondering where exactly this creative outlet is going.

yarn and weaving

I don’t fit in to any of the blogging niches, my topics are inconsistent and perhaps not geared towards the parenting blogging scene which seems to dominate the blogging world.

wood carving

I don’t mind not following the trends, to be honest I’m not sure I would even know how too, but now I’m wondering if this blog has served its purpose or needs a change in direction.

Perhaps it may just be time to focus on other creative outlets. In the grand scheme of things blogging is ridiculously insignificant, but it has without doubt played a part in my ongoing recovery from depression, I’m not sure I’m ready to let it go, but I have no idea how to take it forward.