From The Workshop #1

I’ve been wanting to share more about my interest in wood turning for awhile, and this evening as the rain pitter patters on the windows seems as good a time as any.

wooden stick vase

My interest in wood work started way back in DT class at secondary school, I made my first wooden box and I was hooked, however moving on to an all girls convent school wasn’t the place to explore woodwork, so for too many years it went on the back foot.

Fast forward to a few years ago when we got our first lathe, and I’ve been an avid amateur turner since.

It’s something which continues to amaze me, from the trees whilst they still stand and grow to the different characteristic of wood revealed once the bark is peeled back, there is so much to learn.

contrasting wood

Our little workshop sits at the end of the garden, with an ever growing burn bucket of failed ideas, a stack of drying logs and a whole heap of potential in the form of once living and vibrant trees.

wooden stick vases

As with any hobby or interest it takes hours upon hours and investment to become somewhat proficient. Through blood, sweat and tears I’m getting to a point with my wood work where I’m mostly satisfied with the end results.

Taking a lump of wood and using a few tools to turn it in to an often beautiful and functional item always leaves me with a happily contented feeling, and has without a doubt played a part in my mental health recovery, I’m at my happiest when I’m creating/making something.


I hope you enjoy the odd peek in to my progress with wood turning.