Making Memories – Their first skateboards

There are many things to enjoy about being a parent, but I think one of the best is when you get to share with them something which you were passionate about in younger years.  Not only do you get to pass on your knowledge and experience but you also get to relive it yourself, which can be all kinds of nostalgic fun.

This past week we’ve been taking the boys and their skateboards down to the promenade.

For their daddy who was an avid skateboarder, spending way too much time at Southbank skate park, this was a big deal.  A real father/sons bonding moment, with him giving pointers on getting started and providing encouragement when things didn’t go as planned.

my little skaters

It was great to see them doing something new which they enjoyed and seem to want to pursue.

They can’t do any tricks, they wobble and fall off more often than they stay on their boards but they had so much fun that neither cared that they weren’t technically skateboarding.  For now they have mastered sitting on their skateboards and rolling down a gentle slope whilst screaming really loud.  They both found it really difficult to turn on their boards, turns out the bushings on their boards were too stiff, with a little help from daddy both boys were able to switch out the bushings, hopefully this will get them rolling in no time.  Seeing Spencer show the boys how to correctly use a spanner to remove the bolts from the boards and switch out the bushing was a perfect moment in time, a real father/son bonding moment over their shared interest in something.

chaging bushing on a skateboard  chaging bushing on a skateboard

I have no idea how long their interest in skateboarding will continue, if they’re anything like their daddy we’ll be carting the boards around for years!