Up up and away

Parenting and childhood are full of both momentous and insignificant moments, often times we confuse the two and then get blindsided by what we thought was an insignificant occasion or activity.

This weekend I was caught unaware by one of those moments that actually held more significance than I expected, it was Ahren on the swings at the local play park. An activity we’ve enjoyed throughout the years, them screaming to be pushed higher and higher whilst not wanting to go too high and me taking pride as their little legs pumped extra hard to get themselves going.

And then yesterday as Spencer and I stood back and allowed Ahren and Ethan to play with their friends I experienced one of those moments where something usually routine and mundane took on a whole new perspective.

Ahren no longer needs his mummy or daddy to help him on the swings.


He climbed on, held tight and kicked the sky.

Such a simple activity, but it was as I watched him gain more and more height I realised that I was become more and more redundant.

They’re only 7 and whilst I realise they still do and always will to some extent need us, but I can’t help but mourn the loss of the early years when they were so dependant on us.

It’s a bittersweet moment watching your children grow independent from you, the baby years are long gone and as the years go by their dependence on us diminishes. Whilst I’m beyond proud of them and the little gentlemen they are growing in, I can’t help but long for the chubby legged stumbles, goofy faces as they smeared most of their dinner in their hair and nap times that could only be taken in our arms.