When reality hits

I find it incredibly hard to parent through the difficult topics. So many of the devastating events around the world seem so far out of our control that I can neither understand nor explain them. When Ethan asked why there were concrete bollards along the promenade by the beach I was stumped.

How do you explain to a 7 year old that event organisers were being cautious of a Nice style attack?

Obviously there are ways to explain it without instilling fear in them and creating nightmares, but as a mother I hate that I even have to pause, think and find the words to explain that there are some truly evil people in the world.

A few weeks ago I overheard my children talking about Minecraft or some such nonsense, ‘Can you imagine if there were explosions in real life!!!’, the incredulity in which these words were spoke hit me hard. Children younger than my boys live every day with explosions and worse right outside their front door, whilst my children live in a bubble of security that offers them a rose tinted view of the world.

Innocent youth

One day they will realise that life isn’t quite so idyllic; I’m not sure who will be hit hardest by this jolt from blissful naivety to harsh reality, them or me.