An autumnal beach trip

The beach doesn’t seem like the place to spend the day once the flip flops, beach towels, buckets and spades have been away, but to me, autumn is when the beach comes in to its own.

autumnal leaves at the beach

The oppressive heat has gone, the raucous crowds have dispersed and the litter is down to a minimum.

Whilst it may have been a tad too chilly for us to dip our toes in the water we made the most of empty stretches of beaches and places to explore, especially with the low tide.

autumnal seas and skies merge

autumnal beach

The erosion always seems more dramatic this time of year. The gaudy parasols and screaming children can no longer detract from the sea worn sea defences and tangled fishing nets. There’s a stillness to it all which is missing even on the quietest summer day.

autumnal beach erosion

As my children explored rock pools, which are homes to an array of wildlife, starfish, mussels, sea sticklebacks, sea snails, limpets and anemone, I was somewhat amazed at how the landscape has changed since our last visit.

autumnal beach exploring

The Holy Well freshwater spring has now collapsed and the seawall defences built in the 1800’s have shifted. Seeing what was a wall weighing more than a few tons perched rather perilously on its side was a stark reminder of the destructive power of our seas.

autumnal seawalls

Of course that didn’t stop my two from clambering all over the more sturdy looking ones!

autumnal beach climbing

autumnal beach rock climbing

The Channel is always busy, sitting down to just gaze at the passing traffic can often have us spotting interesting boats and ships. 

autumnal sea gazing

Lately the Sospan Dua, a hopper dredger, has been a common sight  off our shores as it rebuilds the shingle on the beaches. The boys have been fascinated by the process of a ship dredging up shingle from along the coast before shooting the tons and tons of shingle on to the beaches here in Eastbourne.

autumnal beach building

After hours of jumping rock pools and clambering rocks, with rumbly tummies and cold toes it was time to head home to see what treasures our day at the beach had gifted us, a chunk of driftwood and 50 pieces of seaglass.

autumnal beach treasures