Being a parent, it’s kinda blah

Over the years I’ve noticed there are two trends within the parent blogging community; one side explores in great detail how wonderful being a parent is whilst the other laments over just how fucking hard it is. Both are true, being a parent is both wonderful and really bloody hard, but it’s also sometimes really rather boring, yet no one seems to mention this.

There are so many days when I’m not a Martha Stewart / Pinterest worth mother, just like the many days my children are neither Instagram nor Mensa worthy. This isn’t a criticism of us as a family, but fact is we’re pretty boring in our own weird and wonderful way.

It seems parenting has to be one extreme or the other, middle ground doesn’t appear to exist. Whilst it may not be as glamourous or sympathy inducing, parenting for many is just, well, parenting. It’s not a photoshoot nor is it a day of despair as you wrangle unruly children to do as they’re told.

I’ve at times felt like I’m lacking in someway as a parent as our lives don’t look like they’ve been styled for a photoshoot, we don’t always have amazing days out and despite having a really rough couple of years whilst I battled my depression, I never really felt like parenting was too hard.

It took perhaps longer than necessary to realise, but sometimes being a parenting is just…blah, and that’s okay.


Obligatory disclaimer: I love my children and they are both well looked after blah blah blah.