Latest trends & Hygge

I most often try to avoid trends and the latest fads, but I’ll admit I fell hard and fast in to the succulent and cacti craze which swept in last year.

repotting succulents

This year I managed to avoid them all, I might admire some from afar but not enough to become invested in any way whatsoever, that was until hygge started popping up everywhere.

Whether it’s the idyllic lifestyle hygge portrays or its association with happiness which appealed I don’t know. I do think my determination to prevent my depression from coming back this winter sparked my initial interest.

So, off I pootled to Waterstones to buy a book all about hygge. And that is where I got lost, there is no category under which these types of book fall, so after thrusting my phone under the store assistants nose and asking for some help in finding this book, I soon had a copy of The Art of Hygge by Jonny Jackson & Elias Larson in my hands.

I didn’t flick through the book, I just paid for my purchase and tootled off to continue with my day. I would advise you to always flick through a book such as this before purchasing.

It was a day or so until I had time to do more than flick past the first page or so….imagine if the best autumnal & winter Pinterest boards got together with the top autumnal & winter Instagram accounts and had a book baby, this book is that baby.

It’s super heavy on Instagram friendly photos with smattering of suggestions and ideas for getting your hygge on.

a bunch of hygge

This is the book to grab when you need a dose of escapism after you realise that your house is a mess, there is no snow falling as you gaze longingly out the window, when you pass on the PSL because pumpkins and coffee are a no no and you realise that you have central heating and not a log burner whilst having a mini strop that woolly hats give you frizzy hair and thus will never make it to your autumn wardrobe.

In summary, the book is heavy on gorgeous pictures and light on much else. Not many of us need help on making popcorn nor how to light a candle. It is rather vacuous to be honest, the how to steps on how to make paper snowflakes was an almost insulting inclusion.

the art of hygge

 I think the authors meant well with this book, but it’s rather lacking in everything except pretty pictures, the likes of which have been circulating social media for the past few years.

It is certainly worth purchasing, but if you can find it on the cheap then maybe you won't feel bad for buying a book full of pics you'll see on your Instagram and Pinterest feed.