Autumn’s Last Smile

“Autumn, the year’s last, loveliest smile.” – William Cullen Bryant

It has indeed been a most lovely autumn, the colours brighter, the leaves crisper underfoot and the soil less sodden. Well, that was until Storm Angus came along and took the last of the leaves from the branches and left piles of soggy leaves not at all conducive to leaf jumping, it seems winter truly is on its way.

With the boys home from school last week due to inset days we decided to make the most of the quiet at the local park and  enjoy the last of autumn before winter takes hold.

It literately looked as though the trees were on fire.

autumns last smile

I’m always amazed at the contrast in leaves in such close proximity, they look so striking together.

autumnal contrast

The majority of the trees had long since dropped their leaves, leaving tall and gnarly branches stretching high in to the clouds.

autumns last smile

I love the reminder of how small we are compared to trees!

golden leaves

autumns last smile

The boys took great delight in playing with the leaves, they were waiting for the wind to come along and over them in leaves!

Cardboard boxes and leaves do wonders for children who claim to be bored.


autumns last smile, colourful leaves

Every year a patch of fungi grow in the same place, this year there are 7 blobs of them. They’re rather ugly but still so fascinating. I did try a spot of research in to what type of fungi they are, but alas my super sleuth skills do not include identifying fungi, nor much of anything to be honest.

clusters of fungi


Before long it was time to head home and leave the peace and quite for someone else to enjoy. I shall miss the colours of autumn, this year has been a rather spectacular visual feast.

autumnal bench