Firsts and Lasts

When you become a parent there are many firsts you experience with your baby, many are expected and looked forward to, a few come out of nowhere, leaving an emotional blow you never expected.

The excitement of those firsts; steps, words and smiles is soon eclipsed by the realisation that there are a limited number of these experiences, and as the years pass us by, the firsts become few and far between.

It’s been a while since we had a first, and then on Friday Ethan lost his first tooth.


A teeny tiny little tooth, yet it still tugged at my heartstrings, this baby tooth is yet another sign that the baby years have been left far behind, the toddler years are fuzzy in memory and childhood is well established.

It doesn’t matter that we’ve had 7 years of firsts, this one still hit me as much as the  first ever first, perhaps even more so, knowing that most of these experiences are behind us.

Over the years I have doubted my parenting, thought for sure I was doing things wrong and messing up these two amazing little humans, but as we meet each first I realise I’m doing something right.