The world is a crazy place right now.

it would be so nice if something made sense for a change

Hatred and fear seem to be winning the day, after years of progress and equality we seem to be chipping away at a frightening rate the freedoms of others which were so desperately and passionately fought for.

I shan’t cast stones on those who voted, in all honesty both candidates left much to be desired.

But the shock of both Brexit and Trump is surely a call to wake up.

How is a man who believes in conversion therapy, defunding AIDS research whilst disbelieving in evolution soon to take the Office of Vice President?

How has a man who has admitted to sexual harassment, been accused of rape and fraud, who doesn’t believe in climate change and wants to take away the right of women to choose,  who opposes nation wide marriage equality and is likely to repeal Obama Care been voted as the future President?

It’s unfathomable, yet it’s happened.

One must wonder how a nation deems these men the best option for running their country? How did we think leaving the EU was a good idea? How has politics come to this?

It is too easy to place the blame for the current state of affairs on both sides of the Atlantic on illiterate, racist, misogynists. People have long been been dissatisfied with the status quo of the political elite, feeling marginalised and unrepresented by those who are supposed to represent them. Those in power now need to take a good look at themselves, the parties they represent, and question why the people feel so disenfranchised from their fellow country men and leaders. Politicians and media press must stop fuelling the hate filled rhetoric and instead start working to reunite the divides.

I’m honestly not sure where we as individuals go from here.

I know that spreading further hatred isn’t the answer. I know electing officials who strived to rip away the rights of others isn’t the answer.

But the votes have been counted and now, we must go onwards, and hope for a better tomorrow whilst looking at what has motivated two countries to set themselves back years of progress.

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