Why do you care?

Like most of us I do enjoy a good rant and moan.

Usually I keep these to irate tweets which I delete before posting, the occasional conversation in my head or most often a rambling nonsensical conversation at Spencer. Note at and not with, he humours me and gives me the odd side eye before patting me on the head and telling me to get over it, which is most excellent advice.

Just lately I’ve noticed an uptake in the number of social media posts criticising the choices of others, and I get it, I really do. Despite our best intentions we do judge, it could be for a fleeting moment, but we all do it.

But we don’t always need to be vocal about that judgement.

Does it do anything except make the judgemental one feel superior? Is the aim to change attitudes, behaviours or opinions? Or is it simply to poke fun at and belittle people who just happen to partake and enjoy things which the judger does not?

the art of hygge

People actively participating in hygge is the latest trend which is being ripped to pieces and in the run up to Christmas I dare say there will be whole slue of critical posts judging how others go about their Christmas. In the past we’ve seen them over Elf on the Shelf, how early decorations are put up, how early gifts are purchased and wrapped and how much is spent on a child to name but a few.

But before you start judging and belittling those who are finding some comfort in little rituals around their home and those like to make the run up to Christmas fun for their kids by utilising a naughty elf, those who decide to add a bit to cheer to their homes after what has been a pretty shit year, or those who decide to spread the cost of Christmas and those who choose to spoil their child with their hard earned cash, ask yourself why you care. Ask yourself how their decision impacts you in anyway shape or form.


You can scroll past and mute their updates on social media, you can walk past the houses all lit up and only decorate your own when you deem it timely. You can leave all your festive shopping to the last minute and set a modest budget and stick to it when it comes to gift giving.

What you don’t need to do it is make a snooty judgement on those who happen to make different choices to yourself.

Now, I shall take the excellent advice from Spencer and just get over it, or at least keep my rants to myself.