A Hint of Winter Colour

I tend to associate winter as a bleak time of year for the garden, as well I should, it looks awful really and in true Amanda style I have misplaced the bulbs I need to plant to ensure some colour in the spring months.

However, among the bleak can be found some beauty and colour.

This rose has been slowly fading from its bright white to a light brown, it reminds me of the pages of an old book.

winter colours rose

winter colour faded rose

winter colour rose

Whilst I haven’t managed to get out and photograph the trees, most of which have now shed their leaves and berries, I have picked up some seasonal greenery.

I just adore eucalyptus and pussy willow!

winter colours pussy willow

Not sure why I haven’t had any of this in our home before but I’m so glad to have finally got my hands on some.

winter wreath making

I even used it to make a wreath, which turned out pretty good if I do say so.

I’ve been seeing purple cabbages all over Instagram, and I must admit I was intrigued. I detest cabbages as a food, but as a flower type thing, I can get totally on-board with that!

winter colour cabbage

I saw these two shoved under a shelf at our local flower stall, so I rescued them both for the pricely sum of £1, well worth it for these odd yet delightful pops of colour. When the light hits them, they just look amazing, not something I ever thought I’d say about a vegetable.

winter colour