Cancelling Christmas

I still remember my own Christmas plays and nativities from Primary school. The nervous excitement as we waited for the teachers to announce the roles, the panic as we made sure our parents had a spare tea towel, a piece of silver tinsel and card to make wings or practiced our very best standing tall and very very still skills.

The school Christmas plays were something we all looked forward to, weeks spent making costumes, scenery and back drops, hours upon hours learning songs, dances, words and the right places to stand on the stage without falling off the edge.


It was something to look forward to. A moment when all children could shine, no matter if you were an angel, Mary, a tall tree or a singing star, we all had our moment in which we got to stand on stage, beaming the cheesiest smile and waving to our family whilst forgetting our lines and not realising Mary had her dress tucked in to her knickers.

When my children started school I was so excited by the thought of getting to see them in school plays and nativities.

For 3 three years I’ve stood to the side of an overly packed hall, camera in hand as I snap away, capturing my children whilst they sung, danced and goofed their way through a performance.

They missed their cues, added extra dances moves and waved like they’d never waved before, each performance was completely and utterly brilliant. I couldn’t have been prouder of them.

I have been eagerly looking forward to this years performance.

Only to discover that there wont be a Christmas performance this year. Nada, nowt, not a thing.

And I’m feeling rather hard done by. I do realise that these things take time, planning and lots of coordination to arrange. But I also know just what they mean to the children and their parents.

It’s such a shame that there was no room within the school days to arrange for something, I’m not talking a West End style show; missed lines, out of tune voices and wonky sets are part of the charm of a primary school event.

But to leave the children and parents with nothing seems a little mean and not in fitting for the season.

I do hope that those of you who get to attend a Christmas nativity or play this year appreciate it, they’re over with before you know it.