Christmas, stop taking it so seriously!

The older I get the more I realise that we’re taking Christmas too seriously.

Having made a list of what I thought we’d need for Christmas I sat down and started our online shopping order. As we hit the £100 mark I was getting the feeling that something very wrong was going on.

Christmas dinner is a glorified roast dinner.

Nothing more and nothing less.


It should not be costing a family of 4 over £100 to cook a roast dinner, even if we decide to have a fancy side dish, crackers and something special for our pudding. Especially when two of those at the table are such fussy eaters they’ll ignore it all and instead ask for a bowl of pasta, so no, we should not and will not be spending a small fortune on one home cooked dinner.

The day itself has become about so much more and at the same time so much less than its original intention.

I see people getting in to a tizzy over buying the must have gifts, making the fanciest foods and worst of all getting in to debt over one day.

It’s the week of Christmas and honestly, I can’t stand the thought of leaving my home, my anxiety levels at facing the hoards of bat shit crazy shoppers have reached medication levels.

The crowds at the stores are reminiscent of disaster movies; people hording food and panic buying before the shelves are emptied, roads leading in to the shopping centre are blocked by impatient drivers forcing their way in to full carparks, blocking emergency access and regular drivers just trying to get home or to work.

Why people insist on losing their minds over one day is beyond me.


Rather than fall in to the trap of panic buying and trying to keep up to imaginary and impossible standards,  we should instead enjoy the time we may have off work, the lack of routines and such.

By all means, cook a fancy dinner, treat yourself and loved ones to something special, but for the love of all things jolly and holly, please, don’t take it too seriously, you only end up ruining it for yourself and others.