Protecting ancient woodlands

Woodlands are something which I have always taken for granted.

Growing up, my siblings and I spent most of our days away school making forts, climbing trees and playing hide and seek between the branches and leaves of various woodlands and green spaces, I took for granted that these places would always be there.

woods in shadow 

I thought, rather naïvely, that all such spaces were protected. Who wouldn't want to ensure that woods and forests were protected from development and destruction? When in reality, there are little to no protections for our ancient woodlands.

autumn woodland carpet

The vast eco systems and wildlife that call the ancient woodlands of the British Isles home need to be preserved, protected and cherished for generations to come, not consigned to history books and photos.


At present there are 709 ancient woods across the UK under threat, most likely some of these woods are ones you and your family enjoy spending time in.


If you want to see these woods preserved for our own and future generations, could you think about signing the Enough is Enough campaign on behalf of the Woodland Trust

**this isn’t sponsored or anything, this is just something I feel rather passionate about**