Can you be boring and a blogger?

I’ve been thinking about getting back in to blogging lately, I’ve always rather enjoyed tip tapping away, sharing a little insight in to who is me. It’s been almost 9 months since I last put finger tips to keyboard and bashed out some rambling nonsense, and I’ve been missing whatever it was I got from blogging.

But the topic of what to write got me thinking, am I really that interesting that I need to write about my life?

The answer is no.

No I am not.

Like most of us, if I’m being honest, I’m boring. So so mundanely boring that at times I bore myself. For sure, I can and do get in to some awkward and interesting situations; who hasn’t fallen in a river and pondered if cows smell fear, been mistaken for a prostitute, almost had a leg amputated due to infection or gotten lost on the South Downs several times?

But for the most part, life is just ticking along in a way that I suspect is similar to yours.


Photo by Freddy Castro on Unsplash

I’m not building my forever home in the middle of the woods. My children, whilst awesome, are no different to most kids out there…they’re slightly annoying, frustratingly stubborn yet wonderful in their own weird and wonderful ways. I’m not on some miraculous journey of self discovery, nor am I embarking on a fitness regime, besides no one wants to see a sweaty ol’ me panting for breath with frizzy hair and wild eyes. I can’t cook, burning pasta is a niche skill I have, so a food blog is out. Unless I got to eat all the yummy food without cooking it, but then I’d really need to do a fitness blog to negate the impact of a food one!

I have done some pretty interesting things career wise, which legally I can’t talk about, so that’s out the window. So to are the personal things I don’t share with family let alone folk “out there”.

I don’t travel to exotic far flung places, air travels scares the crap out of me, and I don’t think I could convince the school that my kids need to be out during term time. I’m so far removed from fashion that a fashion blog would be ridiculous, my jeans have holes from wear and tear not as a paid for fashion statement. Where are all the bootleg jeans, are they still a thing?

I wouldn’t know in what order to apply make up even if I had detailed instructions before me. I could try my hand at writing about serious topics, but in all honesty I like to play devils advocate and would just end up pissed off at myself.

I’m a wood turner, looking to set up shop, but that isn’t all that interesting to most people. My depression story, whilst uniquely my own, isn’t all that different to most out there. My parenting journey has at times been interesting, yet is pretty much what you expect parenting to be like, full of ups and downs and not really all that remarkable. My relationship is the same, we love each other yet also piss each other off in a healthy adult way.

So, when sitting before a computer, contemplating a blog post, whilst leading a pretty regular life, what do you write about?